The Salty Pelican is still here and kicking in both Portugal & Sri Lanka, although Covid-19 has deeply affected the travel industry as a whole, we are still looking forward to creating the magic together again soon. This is a vital time to support the travel industry, the people who make all your travel dreams come true, the ones you rely on, the staff you admire…. soon we can roll on the waves again, take deep breaths whilst practicing yoga and meet people from all over the world. This is not the end but rather everything on pause for a while. So right now the travel industry really needs your support to continue to keep making dreams come true and that our amazing staff can continue do what they love, organising your next adventures. So please take advantage of our promotion by purchasing a 30% off gift card holiday which can be used at any time in the future… no expiry date & totally flexible to book any dates in the future. This is the perfect way to enjoy your next holiday at an amazing price and support us at the same time. Let’s keep the dream alive together and look forward to better times in the future. We have already reopened our Portugal retreats and following all current guidelines, so please visit us in paradise as soon as the flights allow you to.         CLICK HERE:  GIFT CARDS


Hello… We are The Salty Pelican Surf & Yoga Retreats based in a handful of beautiful locations throughout Portugal and Sri Lanka. We are not your standard surf & yoga retreat but with a bit of a twist… and we don't just mean with your asanas ! We like to refer to ourselves as a social lifestyle retreat, where a detox juice may be absent but where a glass of locally sourced wine at sunset will not be frowned upon either. It’s a place where there's a great opportunity to connect with a collective bunch of feel-good people looking for a dose of health, inspiration, good vibes and good times.


The Salty Pelican is a lifestyle, a place where like minded new friends connect, eat great food and practice daily yoga… We are a big family who are very fortunate to receive guests visiting from all over the world. We love what we do here, employ people who thoroughly enjoy their jobs and who are brilliant at motivating our guests to try something new that excites them the most, like learning how to surf.  So... Are you down ?


Imagine waking up to the sound of the sea breeze moving through the trees… practicing yoga at sunrise right by the seaside… hearing nothing but the sounds of crashing waves and catching your first waves on the beautiful coastline. Here at The Salty Pelican is a place to be happy... A place to feel like your own... a place to feel like home... it’s an entire experience consisting of everything we love: surf, yoga, sun, sea, salt, adventures, great people and good vibes. So kick-up your feet... grab an ice cold drink and really enjoy the spectacular BBQ sunset dinners here. Life is just that easy at The Salty Pelican.... Experience revitalising Yang Yoga sequences in the morning followed by a gentle late afternoon class of restorative Yin yoga.. A team of certified instructors who follow a very unique approach in teaching will make sure that you learn the proper techniques, ride the waves and have loads of fun whilst perfecting it. We try to balance a lively atmosphere at The Salty Pelican with comfort and a good night's sleep.... 





Great Atmosphere 

Our Yoga & Surf retreats has been converted into stunning traveler's meeting points; featuring cozy lounges, stunning chill-out BBQ patios, infinity pools and relaxing gardens to catch some sun in our outdoor lounges all day. With our own yoga retreat menu serving ridiculously good tasting healthy smoothies and locally sourced food... you will have very little to complain about during your stay with us.


Unique Yoga & Experiences

Experiences are really what make a trip memorable, so come experience revitalising Yang Yoga sequences at sunrise with only the sounds of the gently breaking waves and the singing birds as a peaceful backdrop. Sunrise yoga will bring balance to your body, so that we can build our bodies to be light and strong for the days activities. For the time that you’re not eating, sleeping, surfing or practicing yoga & meditation... we will help you to make the most of your time at our retreats. We organise a diverse range of the best daily experiences in the local area and designed a programme of evening activities that brings all our guests together each and everyday. 

Amazing Staff That Care

We are surf & yoga retreat built by travellers, run by travellers…We help you plan your day and make sure you will experience the most of what the local area and the surrounding nature can offer. Our knowledge and love for both Portugal and Sri Lanka will make your days unforgettable here. We are always at hand to offer you the best help with your plans and to keep you safe. We have no curfew or lock-out, so come and go as you please. 

"  The good news is that we can offer advice and help organise every last detail of your holiday to make the whole process easy and unintimidating  "





Our retreats are some of the best reviewed online, offering highly regarded surf & yoga experiences at some of the most amazing locations throughout the world. We have poured our own heart and soul into creating these special places you can begin to call home.... A place to be happy... A place to feel like your own. We guarantee to provide all our guests with the best surf & yoga experiences. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro... our packages are tailored to cater to all levels of surfers & Yogi's. A team of certified instructors who follow a very unique approach in teaching, will make sure that you learn the proper techniques and have loads of fun whilst doing so. Come join us for one of the best weeks of your life... we can promise you that...

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