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You can now book your next retreat including CANCELLATION UP UNTIL 48 HOURS PRIOR TO YOUR ARRIVAL DATE** (agreement to T&C's) for all bookings. Flexibility is key as we slowly begin the journey towards normality again, so stress less and feel confident in booking your next retreat at The Salty Pelican. 



Get ready to embark on a truly unique and transformative experience at The Salty Pelican Surf & Yoga Retreats. Nestled in stunning locations across Portugal and Sri Lanka, we offer more than just your typical surf and yoga retreat. Prepare to be captivated by our refreshing twist on the traditional retreat concept.

Unlike traditional holistic yoga retreats, we proudly embrace the concept of a social lifestyle retreat. While we value health and well-being, we understand that true balance encompasses more than strict detox regimens. At The Salty Pelican, we encourage you to savour the simple pleasures in life. Picture yourself relishing a glass of locally sourced wine as the sun sets over the horizon — a moment of pure bliss. We believe in creating an environment where health, inspiration, good vibes and good times seamlessly intertwine.

Our retreat is a vibrant hub where like-minded individuals gather to connect, share experiences and forge lifelong friendships. It's not just about practicing yoga and nourishing your body; it's about creating memories and embracing the joy of being surrounded by a collective bunch of feel-good people. You'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a supportive community of individuals seeking a healthy dose of adventure, inspiration and pure enjoyment.

So, are you ready to embark on a journey unlike any other? Join us at The Salty Pelican Surf & Yoga Retreats and let us redefine your perception of what a retreat can be, leaving you with memories that will last a lifetime.


Imagine waking up to the gentle melody of a sea breeze caressing our properties. As the sun gracefully ascends, you find yourself immersed in a soul-nourishing yoga session amidst nature's embrace. Soon, the allure of the magnificent shoreline beckons, inviting you to catch your first waves. Welcome to The Salty Pelican — a haven where happiness finds its home, where a profound sense of belonging flourishes. This is not just a destination; it's an immersive experience meticulously curated around our passions: surfing, yoga, sun, sea, salt, thrilling adventures, delightful company and an unwavering aura of positivity.

Mornings at The Salty Pelican unfold with invigorating Hatha Flow Yoga sequences, setting a harmonious tone for the day ahead. As the day progresses, indulge in a relaxing Yin yoga class, restoring and rejuvenating your mind, body and spirit after a day of surfing. Our team of certified instructors brings a personal touch to their teaching, ensuring that you not only acquire proper techniques but also revel in the sheer joy of honing your skills. Within The Salty Pelican's realm, we endeavour to strike a delicate equilibrium — offering a vibrant atmosphere teeming with life while fostering a tranquil ambiance conducive to restful nights.

Prepare to make memories that linger long after the sun sets, carried with you as tokens of an extraordinary journey.

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The Salty Pelican was born by the seaside in Portugal, growing her wings quickly, she spread her nests to the southern shores of Sri Lanka. We are a bunch of yoga & surf retreats consisting a mix of private and deluxe shared rooms. We provide guests a very comfortable and welcoming stay with close proximity to both the sea and nature.

Our Yoga & Surf retreats have been converted into stunning traveler's meeting points; featuring cozy lounges, stunning chill-out terraces, infinity swimming pools, wellness Spas, relaxing gardens to catch the sun in our outdoor lounges and beanbags each day. With our own yoga retreat menu serving ridiculously good tasting healthy locally sourced food and refreshing drinks... you will have very little to complain about during your stay with us.


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