Ad - Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands

Ok, so usually there is room for disappointment when the reviews are as good as they are for this retreat. With me, as a first time solo traveller and first time in a retreat (and dorm) visitor, they invited a sceptic new guest on their turf. Two reasons why there could be a 3 or 4 star review added to their brilliant track record. 

Nothing less is true, if six stars would be possible they would get them from me! Never have I ever felt more welcome or more at home on a holiday than at The Salty Pelican. The team of four (with yoga teacher Ida as a beautiful addition to the three retreat owners) I have never seen a more complimentary team. Coming from different parts of the world somewhere their paths crossed and all pieces seen to have fallen in place. With all four adding their own talents to a great cocktail of hospitality, spirituality and kindness. It is basically impossible to get stressed out in this environment. 

Everything within the power of the team was brilliant in this week. Of course their power has no impact on weather or surfing conditions, nor your own surfing skills. In my case, skills in surfing were surely of the worst kind. Hence I switched two of my planned lessons to a sup lesson and a massage. With the team and a great group of new friends this holiday turned from a planned surf and yoga trip to a yoga and hugging trip. Loved every part of it! Many thanks to Gareth, Monica, Tiago and Ida for following their dream this year and giving so many people the opportunity to follow theirs!

“Honest review”

At first i was really hesitant whether or not to book the retreat because it was my first time traveling alone and being in a yoga retreat but now i can surely guarantee it is the best decision i have ever made. My experience here was definitely better than any hotel i have been in. The place in so beautiful the location is perfect and the staff is just beyond amazing. this retreat have healthy yummy breakfast buffet. I booked the yoga and surf package and it's reallly recommended whether u are an expert or have no experience at all u should definitely come and try. It is clean neat and relaxing. This retreat raised the bar really high for another retreats. I am definitely coming back again. Also i went to the sunset cruise it is very well put together the bbq and the view is just amazing.

Reality is way better than my expectations.
I came to this retreat expecting to do yoga and surf and maybe exploring alone around the area. I am leaving tonight the retreat with the richest experience that i could have possibility gotten. i met so many people here because most people came here alone as well and i got to know the staff ,so at this point im heartbroken just for leaving. Gareth, Monica, Thiago (the staff) are too good to be true they welcome u and make u feel so comfortable since day one in addition to all of that Ida the yoga instructor is too sweet , definitely best yoga teacher i have had so far. The retreat is very well put together although it opened only this year (2016) you feel like they have been running the retreat for 20yrs because they put so much effort into it and the management of every little detail is just right.

Magdalena - Copenhagen, Denmark

I can write an endless list of good, positive, amazing, excellent things about this retreat and still feel it will never be enough to describe it and make it justice. It is simply an experience to need to have on your own. 

I have to admit that before coming I was not quite convinced about staying at an 8 beds-dorm. Being in my late 30's I thought I was done with dorm rooms. But that was not a problem at all! Everybody was so respectful, and the rooms are so nice, clean, and comfortable that it was perfect. And age was not an issue. There are people form 20 to 40yrs of age from all over the world, and nobody felt too old or too young. 

Suzanne - Utrecht, The Netherlands

I booked one week at the Salty Pelican and expected a relaxing yoga and surf holiday. Never did I know I would get so much more than that. Not only were the yoga (twice a day; sunrise yoga at either the beach or in the garden, afternoon yoga in the park) and surfing at Guincho beach great, but as important, at this retreat I truely felt at home. The owners Gareth, Monika and Tiago are very friendly and helpful. Ida is an inspirational yoga teacher, who taught me so much about yoga but also about life. Together with the lovely new friends I met, it feels like one big family. The retreat itself is clean, spacious and has amazing bathrooms! The food (breakfast and BBQ organized twice a week) is delicious and the garden is a great place to meet new friends and just relax. It's only a short walk to the beach and Cascais. The Salty Pelican is a gem, and there's no question whether I come back, but when.

Jonas - Montreal

My time there was so amazing, relaxing, breathtaking and emotional, that I found a place to rest my soul. This is a place which is run by magnificent owners Thiago, Gareth, Monika the owners, has an in-house Yogi godess Ida (Namaste from the buttom of my soul) and many volenteers and other helpers who all make the place the best retreat I ever stayed in. Go there for as long as you can, make sure to do the yoga and other social activities, and feel how your sould is much lighter when you leave. Question is not if I'll be back but when and how often.

Shoshana R - UK

I was traveling for 7 months total doing tons of different things all over Europe, and whenever someone asks me what my favorite part was, I tell them about the Salty Pelican. I loved the yoga, the surfing, the beautiful clean building, all the awesome extra activities, but most of all the people. I befriended amazing people of all ages from all over the world. It was the life hanging out with fun interesting new friends from 8 different countries, ages 16-50 something going to yoga, having breakfast, chilling on the beach, surfing, doing more yoga, then having some drinks or going out, all having a blast together. And the staff were even more incredible. Not only were they completely attentive to our every request, but they were also lovely people to spend time with and always were genuinely excited to help organize our adventures. Ive never met people this legitimately thrilled to be working in tourism. You could tell it really made them happy to share this place with us. Tiago and Monika worked so hard to keep the retreat clean and efficient with its tons of activities and then were always coming up with new cool places to take us on their few evenings off. I really can't believe all the cool things we fit into just one week. Thank you so much Monika, Gareth, Tiago and Ida for creating such a beautiful paradise, I had the most wonderful time getting to know all of you. I will be back one day! :)

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