Are pets allowed?

Though we are big animal lovers, pets are not allowed inside our event, with the exception of service dogs. In these cases, we ask that your dog be kept on a leash and that you please clean up after any messes.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Basse’s is now a cashless operation during all seasons and events. We accept all major credit, debit, and mobile payments. Please see our Cashless page for more info. For the best experience, we recommend bringing credit, debit, or mobile payment types. If you come with only cash, we have a cash-to-giftcard option for you.

Are there refunds in the event of rain?

No, there are no refunds or rainchecks. Poor weather conditions are out of our control, please check the weather forecasts before coming. However, we will do our very best to keep open during rain/muddy conditions, as long as conditions are safe to do so!

Can I bring in my own food or drink?

No, we do not allow any carry in food items. Strollers, backpacks, and handbags are subject to search/check.

Do you have restrooms?

There are porta potties on site with hand washing stations.

Do you ever close due to poor weather?

Extreme, unforeseen weather can force us to close at any time and an announcement regarding any weather closure will be posted on our news outlets and posted here online.

Can I bring in alcohol?

We do not allow alcohol to be brought in. Strollers, backpacks, and handbags are subject to check/search.

Can I smoke on the farm?

No smoking or e-cigs are allowed. There is a lot of straw, cornstalks, and other very flammable decorations all over the farm. Again, we want to keep an enjoyable and safe experience for all our guests!

Can I buy tickets online for the Apple & Sunflower Fest?

No, at this time we are not offering online tickets. Tickets can only be purchased at the Apple & Sunflower entrance.

Will any of your Pumpkin Fest activities be open during the Apple & Sunflower event?

No activities in our Pumpkin Fest grounds will be open during the Apple & Sunflower event. You will have to visit us during our Pumpkin Fest for those exciting activities!

Do you have private photography sessions available?

At this time we do not have any private photography sessions. Photographers are welcome to come during our public hours of operations. Everyone attending would just have to pay for the Apple & Sunflower experience.

Can I cut my own sunflowers once in the sunflower maze?

The paid experience to our Apple & Sunflower Fest does NOT include picking your own sunflowers to take home. The only way you can pick sunflowers to take home is by purchasing our sunflower bucket. We will then provide you with shears to cut your own sunflowers. The bucket can hold 20-40 sunflowers and or zinnias, which makes for a breathtaking bouquet!!

How many pounds of apples is a 1/4 peck bag?

With each paid Apple & Sunflower experience, a 1/4 peck for picking apples is included. This will hold around 3-4lbs, depending on apple size and varieties.

If I see apples up high, can I climb the tree to reach?

No that is dangerous! Please ask one of our apple attendees, and they will provide you with a special apple picking tool (not a ladder) to help reach those high up ones!

What will the conditions of the trail be like in the sunflower maze?

The sunflower maze trail is esentially a farm field, so proceed at your own risk, as their will be uneven surfaces. With changing weather conditions, the trail can become muddy. We recommend checking the weather before coming, and please wear the appropriate footwear!

Can I sample the apples while in the orchard?

No more than one sample apple per person during your Apple & Sunflower experience.