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Long stay
WINTER packageS
for digital
nomads & travelers

You want to co-live, co-work, surf & practice yoga daily THIS EUROPEAN WINTER ?



.... available between November till march only !


Digital nomads where calling out your name….. come discover our brand new retreat near some of the best surf beaches in Cascais, Portugal. The Salty Pelican is a lifestyle, a place where like minded new friends connect, surf, eat great food and practice yoga daily. We are not your standard co-work space but it’s a place where there's a great opportunity to connect with a collective bunch of feel-good people looking for a dose of health, inspiration, good vibes and good times.


The property is social without being overwhelming but you can recluse in your rooms which are comfy, private and relaxed. You can grab a bite to eat at breakfast, it’s the perfect way to start the day and meet the crew before heading out in the surf together. You can at times forget your work on the laptop and relax in our peaceful garden with our heated swimming pool, sun loungers and enjoy those magical moments. There's comfortable indoor and outdoor lounging areas both with communal dining area space to work from. It's not a pure co-working space but a very balanced & friendly work vibe area shared with other guests. We do not offer any private work desks or private offices at our properties but on request only, we can provide a quiet room when available. 


Yoga classes and surf lessons or any other scheduled activity you would like to join, can be booked at additional discounted rates once you are here. 

INQUIRE NOW: STARTING FROM €650 per month in a premium SHARED ROOM or €1200 in a private single rooM  ( ** breakfast not included but guest kitchen available )

We have long stay packages available for a minimum 30 night stay only ( unfortunately we cannot consider anything less than the minimum ), allowing travelling creatives to balance work & play. Accommodation in premium shared rooms, indoor & outdoor dining areas, heated swimming pool, sun loungers, fully equipped guest kitchen, indoor lounge area and central heating in all rooms. 


**Availability and prices may vary depending on available rooms. 


Send us an email at to book. Minimum 30 night stay only !

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