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    Lindsay - Yoga Teacher  

Lindsay is The Salty Pelican’s full time in-house yoga instructor. As a wellness professional and ambassador, she has dedicated over 8 years of her life studying emotional wellbeing in the field of yoga. She is a licensed yoga teacher from the UK and has developed an innovative program for our guests incorporating meditation, pranayama, Hatha flow & Yin yoga styles. Lindsay focus is on alignment, assisting guests individually whilst sharing the greater lessons yoga has to offer beyond the poses.

“  Through my own practice, I have transformed old biases into new perspectives. Each time I step on to the mat, I afford myself time and space. It is this sense of moment that I try to share. During classes, I interweave yogic philosophy, and encourage its principles for others to take away. Each class offers something unique, with grounded deep breath work to journey into the present moment. I structure my classes to challenge while offering a time to reflect. I tailor classes to meet the needs of the students, wherever they may be in their individual journey     


    Lindsay - General Manager

Role at The Salty Pelican... I Am Lindsay from the UK and for the last 3 years I have been working at  the Salty Pelican yoga and surf retreat in Ericeira, as a general manager. In this role I have also been responsible for organizing and managing the yoga side of the business including class schedules and be a point of contact for retreat leaders. I am also one of the Salty's yoga teachers since 2020 and during those years i have constantly taught classes and continued my education by attending seminars, workshops and assisted other trainings. 

“   I started off working for The Salty Pelican in Portugal 3 yrs ago and have gradually become a key member of the team and I have been travelling all over the world and have the best advice and positive attitude to offer all our Salty Pelican clients. I will help you spend your days here stress free whilst you practice yoga, mediation and learn how to surf with the best instructors  

Secret super powers... My secret super power is running the retreat but still make time to connect with guests during daily yoga practice.

Favourite place in the world ... I love Ericeira in Portugal... The waves, the nature, the food, the culture and the people.. It's home to me  !!  

Craziest experience...  Everyday at The Salty Pelican... keeps me on my toes and I dont just mean with my asanas...


     Jorge - Surf Instructor

Role at The Salty Pelican... Jorge is our surf school coordinator and has been surfing for over 25 yrs and a true lover of this sport as he has committed both personally and professionally to becoming a dedicated surf school teacher. No one can outmatch his passion on teaching our surfers the meaning of surf and how this simple sport can enhance your awareness of yourself and the world.

“   Ericeira is well known for the good surf conditions almost every day during all seasons. The nearby charismatic spots are great for beginners and intermediate/advanced riders.  

Our experienced surf instructor team is happy to advise and help you with any questions you may have! We dedicate 100% of our effort on giving the best quality lessons for small groups, that way all of The Salty Pelicans get the best and fastest advice on improving within a safe but fun lesson.

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