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Salty Pelican is on the lookout for Real Estate & Investors


At The Salty Pelican Surf & Yoga Retreats, we're not just about offering exceptional surf, yoga and wellness experiences. We are thrilled to share our ambitious venture into expansion to bring the spirit of The Salty Pelican to destinations around the globe. As we embark on this journey, we are actively seeking visionary individuals who own or operate properties with the potential to transform them into remarkable Salty Pelican Retreats. We believe in the power of meaningful connections and by collaborating with property owners who share our passion for authenticity and hospitality, we aim to introduce the Salty Pelican experience to even more corners of the world. Join us in this exciting chapter of our growth and help us create extraordinary retreats that capture the essence of The Salty Pelican.

We have rapidly expanded our presence into 2 countries, 5 properties and more than 200 beds, we're extending our unique blend of hospitality to new destinations in Portugal, Spain, France and Asia-Pacific regions as well. We believe in long-term relationships and are dedicated to offering flexibility in our approach to growth, catering to the needs of investors and property owners.

  • Investors:  For those looking to invest in The Salty Pelican, our track record of creating exceptional guest experiences and our commitment to financial success make us a compelling opportunity. By partnering with us, you can not only be part of our global brand but also have the chance to expand our unique retreat experience to new destinations.


  • Property Owners:  If you own land or properties that could be transformed into Salty Pelican Retreats, we invite you to explore the potential of our brand and growth strategy. We excel at identifying promising locations and transforming them into extraordinary assets. Whether you're considering long-term net leases or selling your property, our approach is focused on maximising the value of your investment. 

  • Unlocking the Salty Pelican Experience for Your Business: We excel at identifying promising locations for entities already engaged in different hotel or accommodation services, aiming to enhance their Net Operating Income (NOI). Our approach, in collaboration with local entrepreneurs, helps us uncover the most favourable opportunities. Through strategic renovations and effective management, we aim to elevate both revenue and operational efficiency, while also fostering a sense of community that enhances guest engagement, extended stays and ultimately ensures sustainable financial success. Partnering with us not only attracts new travellers to your property but also injects vibrancy into your local community.

Our Ideal Property

We have a strong affinity for distinctive, modern-inspired buildings, as well as properties with untapped potential. From vibrant coastal city centers to serene getaways, our passion for creating extraordinary guest experiences knows no bounds. Bigger is better, and we typically get the most excited when there are 10 keys or more, but we're also open to making big experiences in smaller spaces.


We're on the lookout for properties boasting spacious rooms, generous common areas and expansive outdoor spaces, all ideally located within a one-hour drive of the nearest international airport. The Salty Pelican thrives in vibrant communities where like-minded locals contribute to the retreat atmosphere, especially when we offer wellness retreats in close proximity to stunning natural beauty.


Benefits to Property Owners

We add value to your property through thoughtful design and technology, employing both local talent and global expertise to create spaces that cater to our guests' evolving needs. Owners enjoy competitive rental returns, secure in the knowledge that their assets are backed by a by a resilient international company and brand. Our approach includes long-term net leases or property purchases, both offering stable investment opportunities and access to a new market segment. The Salty Pelican is an ecosystem for modern travellers, inspiring meaningful connections on a global scale. As a landlord, your asset will have direct access to traveling millennials and digital nomads.

Our renovation model respects your asset, ensuring minimal intrusion and enhancing its value without extensive reconstruction.

Where Do We Want to Expand?

Our growth focus extends to numerous markets around the globe. Please refer to our destination list below for more insights.

Get in Touch with The Salty Pelican Investment 

If you have a Real Estate opportunity that resonates with our vision and values, please share the details and one of our team members will promptly get in touch with you. We're eager to explore the possibilities together, as we continue to redefine the boundaries of authentic and inspiring retreat experiences.


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