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Our Story          


In 2015, the Salty Pelican burst onto the scene in Cascais, Portugal, fueled by the synergy of three friends from vastly different backgrounds. Gareth, an Australian adventurer, set off for Austria in pursuit of his snowboarding passion, where fate introduced him to Monika from Tirol, Austria. United by their love for exploration, mountains and the ocean, they embarked on an epic journey spanning over a decade, traversing 25 countries together and leaving their mark in over 10. It was during a transformative surf expedition to Portugal in 2009 that they encountered Tiago, a Nazare local and kindred spirit. A friendship blossomed, igniting a vision that would evolve into the creation of a yoga and surf sanctuary in Cascais. But this was only the inception. Today, the Salty Pelican proudly stands as a testament to their shared commitment to excellence, with four thriving locations across Portugal and Sri Lanka, each dedicated to crafting extraordinary guest experiences.

Our Mission 

To offer something truly special — a vibe that's as unforgettable as our journey, where guests become part of the story. 


" We provide a unique and social lifestyle retreat experience that combines the best of surf, yoga and community. Our goal is to create a space where guests can connect with like-minded individuals, nourish their bodies and find inspiration and good vibes "

We can't wait to share it with you

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