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    Inês - Yoga Teacher  

Im The Salty Pelican’s full time yoga instructor in Cascais and I have completed 800 hours of Yoga Teacher Training. I first met yoga ten years ago, in a tiny studio next to my house and what started as a way of stretching the body and gaining flexibility, quickly turned into a healing path and a way to know myself. I have been practicing yoga since then and teaching for over four years now.

  For me yoga is freedom. Freedom in your body and freedom in your mind and the connection between the two. Breath-movement flow, alignment and philosophy are the focus in my classes and I try to deliver them in a way the students can take the knowledge out of the mat to improve their lives, their relationship with themselves and with the people that surround them. I always remind the students that the true yoga starts out of our mat as we bring all the tools into our daily lives    

When I'm off the mat, you’ll probably find me in the garden. Seeing food as medicine, Im fully plant-based and I try to grow most of my own veggies in my garden. Im a plastic-free warrior, always looking for alternative solutions for single use plastics that I find by the ocean each time I go surfing. Feeling part of Nature, I live trying to leave the tiniest footprint behind me.

    Learning how to breathe properly is really important. It will calm you down when you're stressed, relax your body, and tighten your focus. These are all things you want to be doing when you're surfing. Breathing is the first thing we do in this life… When done properly, breathing can really contribute positively to your overall health 

    Desiree - General Manager

Role at The Salty Pelican... I am Desiree, originally from Switzerland. I am organizing all your activities and attending to any requests .... I want to make sure you experience your best time here and don’t have to think about anything. I Am looking forward to welcoming you to The Salty Pelican soon.  

   I started off working for The Salty Pelican in Portugal as a Massage Therapist and Yoga teacher. Now I became a key member of the team and I am making sure your stay in Cascais is wonderful. I have been traveling all over the world and I am still curious what the world has to offer. I will help you spend your days here stress free whilst you practice yoga, mediation and learn how to surf with the best instructors  

Secret super powers... If I would tell you, it would not be secret anymore ;)

Favourite place in the world ... There are so many… Mostly places that become my favourites, are the ones I have good memories with people.

Craziest experience...  Deciding with nineteen to move to France for a short period of time because of surfing. Glad I did it, because after this I got the "travel fever“ and it remains till this day.


     Alex - Surf & Sup School 

Role at The Salty Pelican... Big mama boss of the Surf & SUP School ! I work everyday to make sure all our students are always having a great time in the and out of the ocean with our dream team of instructors.... It's all about having FUN ;-) We will get you standing up on your stick and riding waves all week long !!

“   I started off by teaching & managing Maui Surf School in Lahaina, Hawaii before setting up and becoming owner of the Surf School in Cascais since 2003! Yep you guessed it.... I'm not that young anymore but I still have a lot less greys than Gareth  ;-)  I have been surfing all over the world and have the best advice and coaching to offer all The Salty Pelican clients. You will spend your days having a good laugh in the water whilst practicing your surfing techniques with the best instructors  

Secret super powers... My secret super power is finished ! I'm now a family man ;-) 

Favourite place in the world ... I love Peru! The waves, the food and the people  !!

Craziest experience...  Surfing Pico Alto in Peru! Massive day and massive amount of water on my head after a huge wipeout! Thought it was all over!!..but here i am... luckily for the Salty Pelican ! 

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Wilma - Social Media Manager 

Role at The Salty Pelican... I’m Wilma, Photographer, Social Media Manager and (un)professional reel-maker.


Background Experience... After high school I’ve basically been out and about traveling and seeing what the world has to offer. From surfing in Australia and diving in Mexico to living in a shed in Indonesia and bungee jumping from a bridge in South Africa. I’d say I’ve always had the travel bug, longing for new places and experiences. After doing the 9-5 and studying in Stockholm for a while I had enough and that’s what led me to the Salty Pelican: my portuguese home and family!


“     When I’m not behind the lens or scrolling on instagram for the best reel song I’ll be dancing in the kitchen to a swedish banger no one knows the lyrics to. I’m a creative at heart who will only be seen doing yoga poses to get the best angle for a photo ;)   

Secret super powers... Hear me out - I can cook the weirdest food out of what I have left in the fridge and it always turns out good in some non-gourmet kind of way ?! I guess most people who’s backpacked knows exactly what I’m talking about. Other than that I can make any boring photo look kinda artsy-cool-instagram friendly if you let me hehe... 

Favourite place in the world ... Leave me anywhere close to the ocean and I’ll be happy. 

Craziest experience...  My whole life is kind of a crazy experience. Never really having a plan can be nerve wracking but also a valuable lesson ! 

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