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    Desi and Stefano - Yoga Teachers 

Meet Desi and Stefano, The Salty Pelican's dynamic full-time yoga instructors. Desirèe is a skilled Vinyasa, Yin, and Meditation Instructor, while Stefano specializes in Hatha and breath work. Both hailing from Italy, they share a remarkable travel history. Before fate brought them together, they embarked on separate solo journeys, coincidentally visiting many of the same countries at different times. Their approach to travel went beyond mere sightseeing; they immersed themselves in local cultures, volunteered, and embraced life through the eyes of the people they met. This unique way of exploring allowed them to create strong connections worldwide, feeling at home in many places and finding extended families around the globe. When they crossed paths for the first time, Desi invited Stefano to join her on a Yoga Teacher Training in India and much to his surprise, he instantly said yes! Little did he know what adventures lay ahead for both of them.

“  Let go of the fear of judgement and step out of your comfort zone. When you allow yourself to embrace every aspect of your being and express yourself for who you truly are, you let your authenticity shine into the world. Then magic will happen and good things will come to you easily. This is what yoga taught us  

Through their personal yoga practice, They've embarked on a profound journey of transformation, shedding old biases to embrace new perspectives. As they step onto the mat, they find solace and room for growth, a gift they're eager to impart to their students. Each session they lead is a harmonious fusion, integrating grounded breathwork that guides us into the beauty of the present moment. Together, we embark on a voyage of self-discovery and growth, fueled by the powerful practice of yoga.

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    Leticia - General Manager

Role at The Salty Pelican... As the General Manager of The Salty Pelican in Peniche, I have the incredible opportunity to connect with and welcome fascinating individuals from all walks of life on a daily basis. Engaging with our guests and listening to their unique stories while assisting them with any concerns or challenges is both rewarding and inspiring. Being part of this vibrant and dynamic community allows me to create unforgettable experiences for our visitors and ensures that each day brings new opportunities for growth and connection.

Background experience... My journey began in Brazil, where I was born, but it was Ireland that captured my heart with its warm and welcoming people. As life took me on new adventures, I decided to make Portugal my new home—a sunny country that holds a special place in my heart, reminding me of my first home. Being close to the ocean has always been a source of joy for me, and Peniche emerged as the perfect destination, where I now envision a future filled with happiness and fulfillment. The beauty of this coastal town resonates deeply with my soul, making it the ideal place for me to call home.

“   Observing the sunset fills my heart with pure happiness, whether it's from the serene cliffs of Papôa Beach or the scenic rooftop at The Salty Peniche. The sight of the orange sky alone has the power to dissolve all my worries and transport me to a place of bliss  

Secret super powers... I've been blessed with a warm and genuine smile that seems to touch everyone's heart.

Favourite place in the world ... Wherever my heart is. Right now, my heart is in Peniche, with my wife and four cats.

Craziest experience...  Jumping from a boat to swim in the Blue Caves in Greece, while being extremely afraid of the depths of the ocean. I was terrified in the beginning but then I didn’t want to leave.


     Joao - Surf Instructor

Role at The Salty Pelican... João is our surf school coordinator and In 2007 he moved to Peniche to study Tourism Marketing at the Escola Superior de Turismo e Tecnologia do Mar. He started giving surf lessons in the summer of 2008 and is certified by the Portuguese Surfing Federation level 1 since 2010. Enjoys surfing, fishing, cooking and spending time with the Salty Pelicans. 

“   Peniche is well known for its amazing surf almost every day during all seasons. The nearby spots are great for beginners and intermediate/advanced riders.  

Our experienced surf instructor team is happy to advise and help you with any questions you may have! We dedicate 100% of our effort on giving the best quality lessons for small groups, that way all of The Salty Pelicans get the best and fastest advice on improving within a safe but fun lesson.

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