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Meet Laura  -  Yoga 


Laura is The Salty Pelican’s full time in-house yoga instructor. As a wellness professional and ambassador, she has dedicated over 8 years of her life studying emotional wellbeing in the field of yoga. She is a licensed yoga teacher from the UK and has developed an innovative program for our guests incorporating meditation, pranayama, Hatha flow & Yin yoga styles. Laura's focus is on alignment, assisting guests individually whilst sharing the greater lessons yoga has to offer beyond the poses.

“  Through my own practice, I have transformed old biases into new perspectives. Each time I step on to the mat, I afford myself time and space. It is this sense of moment that I try to share. During classes, I interweave yogic philosophy, and encourage its principles for others to take away. Each class offers something unique, with grounded deep breath work to journey into the present moment. I structure my classes to challenge while offering a time to reflect. I tailor classes to meet the needs of the students, wherever they may be in their individual journey     


Laura is also a surfer in the making, she understands the physical benefits of adding yoga to your surfing routine, in building balance, flexibility, and strength. She self practices yoga daily, including her own personal spiritual practice, eats plant based foods and makes the appropriate rest times…. 

“   My values in life are based on helping others… I want to guide others to find their way back to their energy centres in the midst of a busy work life, relationships and stress. I teach tools to understand one’s energy and help find happiness through practising yoga 


Meet Monika -  Co-founder 

Role at The Salty Pelican...  Im one of the co-founders of The Salty Pelican and I'am also the retreats "mum", always happy no matter how bad the day may seem.... I will always find a way to make you smile and cheer you up. Not only that but I'am a qualified masseuse with over 10yrs experience and available everyday to help you relax with a beautiful Ayurveda massage. 

Background experience... I grew up in The Alps, Austria, in a tiny little village called St Johann in Tirol. Im an avid snowboarder, nature lover, qualified masseuse and now I have fell in love with surfing. I have spent a good part of my life travelling away from home and conquering the world one country at a time for the last 13 years. A few years ago we began planning our dream retreat, like many we had found along our journey... and now here you have it ... The Salty Pelican and I hope you love it as much as we do. I am also the head in-house masseuse and I will pamper your body with a relaxing deep tissue Ayurveda massage during your stay with us. Highly trained and a practitioner all over the globe, my vast experience over 15 years will allow you to fully appreciate my relaxing massages in a long lasting way.


Secret super powers... Don't know, just ask Gareth, he will tell you that I make dirty laundry and mess disappear hehehe I have been told my massages are simply heaven... I guess its not a secret anymore ;-) 

“   Praia da Ursa for me is the most magical of places to breathe and find yourself.... Ask me at reception and I will show you how to get there. My other favourite place in the world has to be Wanaka on the south island of New Zealand.... What a Beauty  

Craziest experience...  OOOhhhh theres too many, probably spending 13 years of my life with GARETH is crazy enough heheheh. No but really having spent the last 13yrs travelling the globe, from hiking the Himalaya's.. to being marooned on a deserted island... my life has been a little crazy here and there. 

Meet Rute -  General Manager & Social Host

Role at The Salty Pelican...  It all started with an internship back in 2018, did lots of checking ins, helped with activities as bbq nights, hikings and all the cool things you can do here. I absolutely adore my salty family and now I’m back as a sales comercial.


Background experience... I’m from a very touristic and well known village in Portugal - Nazaré, started working with tourism at 16 years old selling jet ski rides, dolphin watching tours and all the good stuff a beach soul likes. My goal is to know all the beaches around the world and that’s what I’ve been doing so far while always working with touristic experiences. I’m finishing my graduation in tourism and ready to help you have best vacations ever.


Secret super powers... I know all the good secrets spots around Portugal. Also, I’m really good at finding solutions for most problems.

“   I like to practice SUP Paddle and I started surfing 1 year ago. The beach is my place So everything that includes sand, sea and wine is the perfect plan for me.  

Craziest experience... It’s hard to choose one! I guess every time I grab my backpack and leave to know new places! Always crazy’s good experiences

Meet Marcus -  General Manager

Role at The Salty Pelican...  I'm the manager of the Salty Pelicans in Peniche, you can always find me in a good mood and ready for a nice conversation. I'll also help you at any moment and make sure you have the best stay, always with a big smile. You sure will know how good is salty life!


Background experience... I was born and raised in Nazaré, a small fishing village on the coast of Portugal, known for the biggest waves in the world. Since I'm a little kid I started loving the ocean and building my life around it. Surf is my favourite hobby, I go in the water every time I can, but not just surfing, I also go diving and spearfishing. This love for the ocean and all it embraces made me found my second favourite hobby, traveling! I've been into a few places in the world in search for different experiences in the water, mostly islands, they are my favourite. So I've been living a salty life, that's what I do best actually, that said, I'll be the right person to take care of your stay for sure!


Secret super powers... I have no super powers actually, but I know how to be a super man without super powers! All I need is love, loving my girlfriend, my dog, my family and friends, and feel the love from them... This makes me feel like I do have super powers.

 I'm a true Portugal Lover... My favourite places in the world are, of course, The Salty Pelican, my hometown Nazaré, and any dinner table with friends, family and sangria  

Craziest experience...  I'd say that I had a few, some of them I can't even say... Naa just joking, I'll just talk about the best experience I had in my life. While I was living in the Canary Islands for 6 months, I went to Tenerife with a group of friends to hike the biggest mountain from Portugal and Spain, called Teide. We started from sea level all the way to the top at 4000m. For 3 days we hiked the mountain and we slept in our tents. Once on the top I saw the most amazing sun rise I've ever seen and I felt the biggest joy of my life.

Meet João Lourenço - Surf School 

Role at The Salty Pelican... João is our surf school coordinator and In 2007 he moved to Peniche to study Tourism Marketing at the Escola Superior de Turismo e Tecnologia do Mar. He started giving surf lessons in the summer of 2008 and is certified by the Portuguese Surfing Federation level 1 since 2010. Enjoys surfing, fishing, cooking and spending time with the Salty Pelicans. 

“   Peniche is well known for its amazing surf almost every day during all seasons. The nearby spots are great for beginners and intermediate/advanced riders.  

Our experienced surf instructor team is happy to advise and help you with any questions you may have! We dedicate 100% of our effort on giving the best quality lessons for small groups, that way all of The Salty Pelicans get the best and fastest advice on improving within a safe but fun lesson.

Meet Wilma - Photographer & Social Media

Role at The Salty Pelican... I’m Wilma, Photographer, Social Media Manager and (un)professional reel-maker.


Background Experience... After high school I’ve basically been out and about traveling and seeing what the world has to offer. From surfing in Australia and diving in Mexico to living in a shed in Indonesia and bungee jumping from a bridge in South Africa. I’d say I’ve always had the travel bug, longing for new places and experiences. After doing the 9-5 and studying in Stockholm for a while I had enough and that’s what led me to the Salty Pelican: my portuguese home and family!


“     When I’m not behind the lens or scrolling on instagram for the best reel song I’ll be dancing in the kitchen to a swedish banger no one knows the lyrics to. I’m a creative at heart who will only be seen doing yoga poses to get the best angle for a photo ;)   

Secret super powers... Hear me out - I can cook the weirdest food out of what I have left in the fridge and it always turns out good in some non-gourmet kind of way ?! I guess most people who’s backpacked knows exactly what I’m talking about. Other than that I can make any boring photo look kinda artsy-cool-instagram friendly if you let me hehe... 

Favourite place in the world ... Leave me anywhere close to the ocean and I’ll be happy. 

Craziest experience...  My whole life is kind of a crazy experience. Never really having a plan can be nerve wracking but also a valuable lesson ! 

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